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We use materials of the highest quality with the best guarantees of the industry. Guarantee on the 15-year-old work.

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If you find a better price in Quebec, we match it, and beat it by 5% !

Established in 2009

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Depending on your needs, we specialize in the installation of the two-ply granulated Elastomeric Membrane (APP) and asphalt shingles.

Elastomeric Membrane Granulated Two Ply (APP)

Ideal for flat roofs or a very low slope, elastomeric membrane provides additional protection against fall precipitation and rough winter conditions. It provides a waterproof and insulated installation thanks to the application of a joints-less cover . Lately, the elastomeric bitumen coating, made up of two membranes, is becoming the preferred option on increasing numbers of residential projects as much for new construction as for replacing an existing roof. People prefer to invest a slight supplement and get peace of mind for an extended period of time.

Finally, the elastomeric membrane gives a lighter and more shock-resistant coverage thanks to its elasticity – an advantage that is proven to be practical during snow storms. It also creates a cover that is easier to inspect and repair, as no gravel layer masks its surfac

Toiture en bardeaux d’asphalte

An asphalt shingle roof is a preferred alternative for roofing at a steep slope as the latter allows easy and quick evacuation of precipitation and snow. Also, an asphalt shingle roof protects the roof structure from moisture, especially if it is wood. The asphalt shingle roof is well resistant to temperature differences, giving it a considerable advantage. Also, the adhesive tape and nails make it resistant to high winds. This advantage is found especially with high performance shingles.

Thanks to the ease of installation and several personalization alternatives, this type of coating remains popular in residential projects, especially in new construction.

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